The Benefits of Same-Day Dentistry

Simply put, same-day dentistry is our specialized service of being able to get you in to see the dentist if you need it, whenever you need it. You don't have to worry about long wait times, especially if you're in pain. Here at Parkhaven Dental Care in our Plano, TX, Gunter, TX, or Sunnyvale, TX, locations, our same-day dentist guarantees you help when needed. How else can you benefit from same-day dentistry?

  • Restore your teeth’s shape, look, shade, function, or make it even better in just one visit to your same-day dentist. You can leave the dental office outfitted with veneers, an onlay or inlay, or a dental crown in just mere hours.
  • Who doesn’t prefer seeing a dentist who uses all the latest dental technologies, like the ones used in same-day dentistry? Besides convenience, these technologies can also aid in faster recovery.
  • You won’t need to wear temporary devices, like a temporary crown, that will require care, as you wait for your permanent crown to be made.
  • Digital scanning is simply more comfortable because you won’t have to contend with goo when taking a mold of your teeth. It’s likewise less invasive, faster, and won’t trigger your gag reflex. This is perfect for patients with dental fear or anxiety.
  • You can clearly see the projected results through digital imaging, so you will know what exactly to expect. Communication is also much clearer since it’s in real-time, so any treatment modifications can be done right then and there, ensuring the utmost accuracy. You also get to be more in control of your treatment since you can review the final results and make adjustments as you and your same-day dentist in our Plano, TX, Gunter, TX, or Sunnyvale, TX, office, sees fit.
  • While same-day dentistry uses advanced technology, it is generally more economical. Aside from material cost and time-savings, you obtain quicker results. Multiple appointments, on the other hand, mean longer wait times. With same-day dentistry, you enjoy less stress, less time off work, and more time for yourself and your family.

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Contact our Plano, TX, office at 972-416-2330, Gunter, TX, office at 903-433-1512, or our Sunnyvale, TX, office at 214-302-2486, to arrange an appointment with our same day dentist here at Parkhaven Dental Care.

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